Hmm…I love my life, and feel so very grateful for the richness of it.
Yet I know I must find the right support team..or I am going to start breaking down…alternatively…I need to take some things off my plate…which I prefer not to do.

I feel this sense of push pull…that wonderful paradox of tension and compression. Breath in, breath out…Yin and Yang. For months now I felt like I am constantly running just to stay keeping up…but it seems I am always behind. Playing catch up!

I do believe that our personal capacity is quite unlimited, with the right support team. That we can do so much more than we thought possible…. And that is the place I believe I am reaching. Creating that right support team and trusting again that there is enough time….

I know full well that the very moment I feel this overwhelm…the tension between all the competing commitments…that the very best thing I can do for myself is to step back and take a breath. To actually STOP. Paradoxical, irrational, and yet the truth. I need to stop in order to see the way forward, and to take stock of where I am at so I can be clear about who I need to make up the right support team.

And I need to practice what I teach! To write down all the activities I love to do that make me happy that people love me to do for them and that can create value comprehensively.

Then I need to be sure that 80% of my time is spent on these activities…and that the things that I am currently doing that do not fit this category are delegated, or deleted.

My 80% list would read something like this.

Working with my wonderful clients
Working with my alliance partners and team-including meetings, strategy sessions
Writing my two articles a week and my blog
Writing my book
Networking with and expanding the relationships I have built around the world
Reading from books, web sites, articles, journals
Researching for articles etc
Maintaining my comprehensive health via my Integral Life Practice
Keeping up with my private relationships

The things that I need to move off my list are…in no particular order..

Cleaning and maintaining the house
Buying food
Paying bills, doing any form of bookwork
Making appointments
Doing the posting of articles on my web site/blog
Managing my data base
Managing the web site

From a practical action point of view, this means I need to find..

A house cleaner, locally.
Increase the current activities of my book keeper
Find the IT person to support me as I move forward..this person can be located in any part of the world..actually in a time zone that is opposite to mine would be ideal.

My strategy around this set of actions is to be sure that these people are on my team, not just as workers, but as integral members of my team. Even if they are located elsewhere, they know that they are on my team. They know their value to my life. Therefore, finding the right people is not just a simple hire. I want people to love what they do and know the value it adds, and to feel a greater sense of purpose in their work because they are working towards a vision that inspires them, even if that vision is via supporting me.

This may sound egotistical. I hope not. I know there are people out there who love cleaning, and love doing detailed work, and yet at the same time they want to be involved with a great task.

Just as I have finally leaned that smiling at the lady at the supermarket check out counter may actually be my work, that no task is too small, or too menial. Work done with love is great work. Andrew, the man that has come to clean my car every two weeks for 13 years, is on my team. He does great work, and it is a pleasure to pay him. My life is richer for him.

Of course the challenge is knowing when you need to hire someone, because it usually is before you have the comfortable means to pay for them. It is at that point between tension and compression…it takes trusting that if you do hire them your time will be freed up to allow your creativity and true work to flourish even more. On an even bigger scale, it is knowing that paying your team is creating wealth for all. It is engaging in the real economy of creating value and not buying into the scarcity pathway. It is being expansive and not contractive. Expansion lets life and flow in, contraction shuts life and flow down.

Breath in Breath out…..

….Who is on your team?

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