Glittering images not backed by commitment

The beautiful website. The heartfelt emails from the founder. Endless testimonials seemingly of the highest calibre.

Yet for over a week I have attempted to contact this company, using every medium they offer. Leave a message, they suggest. The expected reply is within a few hours, they promise.

Email. Facebook messenger. Message on Instagram. Contact form on the website. Chat box on the website.

Zero response. 

At first, I think it might be my fault. Spam? No. 

Perhaps the company has had a massive incident. I give them the benefit of the doubt. 

Zero response.

The question I am raising is why the ingredients of a product on their website is different to the one on the bottle I purchased. 


I could just roll over and accept a scam. 

Or I could take action and report this to consumer affairs.

Rolling over makes me the victim and continues the fraud.

Sure, it takes hard work to complain to a consumer agency.

But unless I do, you might be at the effect of the scam. 

If we want a better world, we need to create it in everything we do or do not do.

Glittering images not backed by commitment are hollow. This includes the company, and me and my actions.

We must lead change.

PS. The company is

Photo Taken February 18th 2023

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