Slow steady persistent

As an ultra-marathon runner I know the power of slow, steady and persistent.

Start at a pace that you can finish. Too hard and furious and we burn out. Too slow and we dig a hole of exhaustion.

Building an enterprise, family, or community is a marathon. Too often we get caught in the fray of frantic. 

Frantic has us miss critical things, make mistakes and misread the energy and focus required for the long haul.

The startup community celebrates frantic, as if it is a badge of honour to be working stupid hours. In so doing, they perpetuate the scarcity myth and encourage the instant gratification culture.

To build anything that we want to endure, we need to take the time. There is enough time.

Get the structure right. Design the relational dynamics.  Create an agreement architecture. Know your purpose. Transmit that purpose to everyone involved so there is no ambiguity. Consider the next step. 

Act on the next step. Consider the next step after the first step. Take that step.


Slow, steady and persistent is a discipline. It affirms abundance, long-term thinking, and deep care.

Photo Taken March 14th 2023

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