Thank you

There are so many strangers I will never know who toil to right wrongs. Some of these people do so at huge risks, risks that may end their lives.

The people in Ukraine. Far away from Australia, Ukraine’s loss to Russia would affect me, and most of the world, maybe not directly in the first instance. Long-term – democracy and political transparency and decency are principles we must fight for every day.

The loving-kindness of carers all over the world. I am, like every one of us, one unpredictable moment from needing care. Carers of all kinds are the unseen and often unacknowledged backbone of community. 

Those people who speak truth to power, even at the price of their own lives. The whistleblowers. The people who step in against daily oppression, racism, and misogyny. 

My thanks seem so insignificant. Acts of kindness and genuine bravery are common, drowned out by the crowd that thrives on hate and fear.

My gratitude is real. Each day, I give thanks. 

Join me? May gratitude sweep the world.

Photo taken January 13th 2023

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