Truth all the way down

There are laws inherent in nature that are true in all cases. We humans, when Earthbound, cannot argue with gravity. Or the speed of light.

Nature has a coordinate system. Or as Bucky Fuller would say, space has shape. 

Knowledge of the ancients, our ancestors, who lived in the cycles of seasons, and required attention to the land, the sea, the sky…and then told their stories in myths…was knowledge of natures co-ordinate system.

As Joseph Campbell discovered when studying the mythology of communities separated by vast oceans, many myths told the same stories in different languages.

There is a truth that goes all the way down.

The Western mind chose a different path. Jeremy Lent’s extraordinary book, The Patterning Instinct describes this divergence of meaning.

Part of our current meta-systemic crisis is because we have chosen to adopt the position of superiority over nature, forgetting that we are nature. In our position of delusional dominion, we have created systems and structures that neglect to account for the laws inherent in nature.

It is no wonder we see a future where more of the same gets breakdown of epic proportions. Breakdown of Earth, atmosphere, the oceans and waterways, soil, human mind, families, communities.

It might well be time that we start from the humility of being nature. Not separate. And from here considering how we can partner with nature, apply the laws inherent in nature to human co-ordination and enterprise design.

Deep listening. Profound respect. Kairos time. Staying in flow with nature’s gestation rates. Applying Synergy. Honouring bees. Feeling soil in our hands.

Applying the truth that transcends all language, all culture, all time. This is to become Syntropic.

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Photo taken June 18th, 2020