There is a part of each of us that is wise and knows the truth about what is calling us in our life.

And then there is the rest of us.

This is how it works. We come to a crossroads. It can be a big crossroads. Leave a job and start a business. Propose to your beloved. Buy a house. Put out some very clear boundaries to friends or family.

It can be a smaller crossroads. Publish that blog. Eat the pizza. Go out tonight.

Our lives are filled with crossroads and choices.

Should we go left..or right? Does it matter? If we are paralysed by indecision any choice is often better than no choice.

Yet if we pause and go to the quiet part of us, the wise part of us, we know which path to choose. Does that mean we choose it? Often the answer is no. We take the other path, the path of least resistance, the easy path, the lazy path, the nice path. We don’t tell someone that the way they are speaking to us is disrespectful because we don’t want to upset them, or be seen as a bitch/bastard. We eat the pizza, don’t publish the blog, or even write it in the first place. Don’t start the business we have been dreaming of. Make the phone call, ask for the deal.

Courage is the path of heart. The path of truth.

Right at that nexus point, that place where we have to choose, do we have the courage to go to the place that knows?

All of our pain and frustration lives at this nexus point. It is awakened when we choose the path we know is the wrong one for us. Here is our self loathing, our feelings of inadequacy, our despair, our smallness. Because we know. We have always known. Denial is part of the scam.

At the collective level, our individual failure to speak the truth of what we know is costing us the earth.

When we take the true road it doesn’t guarantee riches, fame, wild success…but it does guarantee that we will like who we are. We will trust ourselves. And this, in the end, is everything. To die knowing that we showed up.

Is this easy? No….it’s one of the hardest things to do consistently in the world. Few people live this way. But it is the meaning of being fully alive and very free.




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