What has power over you?

This is the type of question that is never complete.

We relinquish our power in so many ways, some overt, some so subtle that we might miss it for decades.

I ask this question now. What has power over me?

It might be an addiction. Some kind of food or drink. Compulsive exercise. Obsessive-compulsive actions. The addiction has power over me. Chocolate might have more power over me.

It could be a thought. Such as I cannot change this. Helpless and hopeless feelings indicate we have subjugated our authority to something external. We always have choice in how we respond to things, no matter the lack of control we might feel for what is being ‘done’ to us.

Does a person have power over us? Or a belief? Do we step into a certain context and relinquish our power?

What has power over you? In the recognition is the key to your liberation.


Photo Taken April 12th 2023

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