Who needs fixing?

There is a strange assumption that we are broken and need fixing. I wonder if this is an ongoing manifestation of the original sin. Born broken. 

Does our obsession with being broken and needing fixing obscure something deeper?

What if we are whole in context? Change the context, and we change. 

What if, rather than pointing to our brokenness, we considered how to create a thriving, healthy environment? 

When I was younger, I invested most of my spare cash, and even cash I did not have, in personal development. I trooped from therapist to therapist, searching for some cure to some strange disease of my brokenness. I realised that most of my brokenness was a fictional story because I did not conform to a cultural norm. That cultural norm made me feel lesser than because of my apparent ‘lack of success.’ Or the hooks around my body/image. 

In other words, there is a fortune to be made in cultivating the narrative of our brokenness by appealing to the part of us diminished by the cultural narrative, and therefore those who profit need to keep the sick cultural narrative alive. There is an element of Moloch in the self-development and weight loss industries. 

We all have our shadow, the side of us that tries to hide in the dark, coming out at the most inappropriate times. Yet does our shadow make us broken? Or is our shadow, once revealed, and claimed, the part of us that gives us contours, makes us interesting, different? Is it only our attempt to keep our shadow in the dark that makes it so powerful?

Is our quest to fix our brokenness a quest to make us all mediocre? Same, same. An undifferentiated heap? Safe, non-threatening, predictable? Is this another form of control? Self hegemony? 

I want a world where we celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of people rather than one where we seek to become the same.

I am not broken. I do not need fixing. Neither do you. 

What we need is to invest in cultures and contexts that enable the best of us, including our shadows, to mean something to the now and future.

Photo Taken March 26th 2024