Busy is a decision

Once upon a time I used to be addicted to the rush of busy. I wore it as a badge of pride.

I was important. Doing important things. The tick-tock running my life was fueled by adrenaline. 

I cannot remember what happened that had me pull the plug on this crazy socially cultivated addiction.

Maybe I realised that as I was looking constantly towards a horizon that my busyness promised, I missed everything that was important happening around me.

Whatever the inciting incident, I made a decision to have busy be the exception, a response to a short-term sequence of events that I chose to give priority.

The list never ends. But I end the list scramble when I chose my day to be done.

What really matters? What comes first? How much space do I need to give myself to be wildly creative?

I have found that the sweet spot is somewhere in between. Enough busy to keep the tension, enough space to connect to everything.

Photo taken October 30th 2022

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