Ignored for our value

Almost everyone I know has experienced some form of exploitation. 

We show up and participate, giving our all. Some or all of our giving is stepped over, ignored, or seen as not relevant. On occasions, our work is extracted and appropriated by others for their own gain.

The sting is real.

Our defence is often to retreat, put up barriers, step into future engagements with caution, and not be so generous. When we do this, the world contracts.

There is another way. 

We can begin the engagement with a conversation. Here is what I have to bring, what I want to bring. And here is what I expect in return for my contribution, including being seen and recognised for my contribution.

This creates the opening for a conversation, an agreement and negotiation.

If our expectations are too high, they can be recalibrated from the outset, and we get to choose if our contribution will be honoured enough, for us.

This conversation begins to build trust. If the other party does not want to participate in the conversation, better for us to turn and contribute elsewhere.

Open-hearted generosity, in its purest sense, asks for nothing back. Contribution as part of action towards something we care about requires cultivating the field for the relationship and contributions to flourish.

We can ensure we are not exploited, extracted from or ignored for our value in how we prepare the field of the relationship.

This is one of the many uses of Synergistic Accounting – a critical framework to ensure dignified, respectful relationships and contributions.

Photo Taken March 28th 2023

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