Regime change

I remember when I was a young person and I looked to my elders and thought them to be out of touch. 

They did not understand our music, our entertainment, our culture.

I made a decision to do my very best to not become one of these old people.

I wanted to stay in the conversation of the younger generation, listen to their music, hear their concerns, and watch the pop culture that captivates them.

It is a daily commitment. 

I look at the current geopolitical world and I see the rising tide – thank goodness – of young people reaching voting age. 

The baby boomers who have held the reigns of power for so long – those who have voted again and again to keep the world in our modern version of the dark ages – are in decline. They are dying out. This may sound cruel. Yet this is the cycle of life.

The young people are rising. Today they made a difference. But the full wave of their voices will not come online for another 2 to 4 years. And then we will see regime change that comes with a generation dying out.

Photo taken October 29th 2022

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