On this day, over 100 years ago, the first world war ended. 

To remember is to attempt to never repeat the behaviours that created world war. 

I wonder why we fail at this. 

To never repeat. 

I look at the lineup of world leaders at COP 27, an image that continues to tell a story of our failure of diversity and equality. It is 2022!

Change is hard and messy.

It is also a commitment requiring action.

Today I remember the young lives lost for such ridiculous reasons. Squabbles of idiot men over power, land territory, and the quest to impose their beliefs on others.

I think of those lives being lost today in many parts of the world for the same reasons. Of communities being annihilated. I cannot imagine life with bombs as a constant threat.

I hear the immature calls for our freedom and rights. To bear arms. To not take public health actions. To deny empirical evidence because it does not suit our narrative. Failing to accept the partner of rights – responsibilities.

I remember. And get back to work creating a better world that works for Earth and all her creatures.

Photo taken November 11th 2022

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