At this stage who you are is profoundly different. The world looks different in your eyes. Things that you used to sweat over no longer trouble you. There is a sense of infinite lightness.

You have found a new engagement with life.  You wake at 2.23AM in excitement for what you are now building. There is a spring in your step. And an aligned purposeful direction.

You are a person on a mission, and that mission is more deeply forged as an expression of you than ever before.

No one goes through this level of burning without emerging anew. The mythological phoenix is the image to hold. From the ashes, bold in plumage, magnificent, utterly transformed, taking flight.

Learning to say no is critical. No to everything that doesn’t bring you alive. Because so much of your fear will have been burned through this process saying no is not so difficult. Clearly choose….or find yourself back at the same place as you started, 7 stages ago…

Say yes to what brings you alive. Say yes to passion, to what moves you. To the deepest call that is now clearly heard.

And when in doubt, take the time to sit quietly and tune into who you are and what is emerging, plus the whole thread of your life and your business. For in that connection the path will emerge..maybe not in full technicolour, but the very next step….which is the only one you need to see/feel.

Alignment is key. A raised heart rate might indicate excitement, challenge, risk…. …but misalignment is going to send you down a rabbit hole of distraction away from what you most want to create.

Align your deepest desires with your purpose, with what is calling you to be expressed…challenge every assumption…the old stories…even down to the structure of your business. Release all the old patterns…the go hard or go home, 4 hour nights…the mythologies of what it takes to build a vital business.

Keep up the habits and activities that have got you through to this stage…exercise, movement, stillness, healthy sleep, eating well, taking the time to tune in, working with mentors…these are the foundations of your new life. When they start to slip, it is a small step back to the old patterns…and another breakdown. Best not to go there…again…

Learn from this experience….go deep into the lessons…for they offer you riches that no book or course will ever provide.

Breath deeply…and again…

Invite gratitude to be the daily practice of your existence. You cannot reach this place without profound gratitude for the journey.

For Stage 6. Emergence

 Photo credit: Christine McDougall









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