To transform, to become a new shape…able to transcend our current world view and identity, requires perturbation. 

We must step into the world of extreme discomfort, to not know if the ground we stand on will hold us up. To gaze for the first time into the essence of assumptions never before challenged. 

To birth an idea requires perturbation. When the idea can no longer be ignored, when it calls us in our sleep with increasing persistence, we must sit with it, speak with it, follow the threads that will lead to the ideas heart and soul. 

It might ask of us to transform our very selves in its birthing. It might demand that we let go of our small, safe ways. That we commit to its ideal above the ruckus of our argumentative mind. 

And we will resist. We will try to shape our idea in our image rather than tune into the shape it intrinsically needs to be.

We will not know how. Or when. Or with whom. 

We will not know anything except now is the time and the answer is yes. 

Perturbation is the crucible. 

Photo taken December 5th 2020

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