Getting famous at the expense of civilisation

At what price fame?

Why is it the holy grail of so many that they would violate most anything to have it?

What longing and lack lives in fames crutches? 

Rather fame now than a future for the world. To speak lies and propagate fear, a celebrated version of fame’s fuel, at the cost of most everything, including the beauty of our soul, is epidemic across society.

The tipping point of society and culture is when fame is revered above integrity. 

It speaks to such lack in our culture, such a level of immaturity in considering what is important, such a perversion of values. And the phenomenon of this lack fills me with sadness. 

To belong, to be at home within our selves, to know in our bones that we have intrinsic value…to be seen, heard, listened to…this is the gift we can give as we so long to receive it. 

But to live in the spotlight of fames glory as we spin lies, create alternate facts, deny the obvious, choose an alternate reality that can only be seen if we are spell cast, and to do this at the cost of the future of Earth and all her creatures, this is a tragedy.

To see this happening around and to fail to speak up, we become complicit.

*PS…if you missed the January 3rd blog I will confirm that it was not published. My computer decided to end her life, and rather than seek to write the blog on my phone, I chose instead to miss the January 3rd edition. A first miss in 3 years. 

Photo taken January 4th 2021

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