When to push – when the baby bird you are stewarding needs to leave the nest. When someone you care about is sabotaging their best. When you are sabotaging your best. When you know the push is the right action in the field. Invite the yes. Ask for the deal. Not from desperation, but from strength.

When to pull – as a consequence of great art, beauty, the exceptional. When we seek to remove someone or something from harm. When we have the courage or strength and the other does not.

When to yield – when the charge in the field is too polarised. When we realise our energy of either push or pull is the inappropriate energy for the circumstance. When the greater context of the story needs to change. (Powerful, influential men need to yield to women equally but differently able to do what they can do, because it is time.)

Track your energy. Too much pushing is repellant. Too much pulling can become manipulation. Yielding might be submission.

Adapt, adjust, enable flow.

Photo taken June 22nd 2019


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