For all the remarkable people who are committed to beautiful work that dignifies humanity and Earth.

To those who risk so much to speak up. Their safety, their families support, friendships… all might be the cost of their speaking. Yet still they speak.

To the quiet ones, who show up every day and offer a kind word, a thoughtful gesture. So often taken for granted until they are gone.

To those who carve out space for human to human connection as a priority, knowing in their bones that in the end, genuine connection is one of our deepest desires and critical to our survival.

To those who do what they say they will do, every time.

To the hand that reaches out when you are most broken, offering kindness and compassion, absent any judgement.

To those who say no to anything that extracts, exploits, denies, separates, discards, reduces or seduces. In our world, the work of not falling into the trap of any of these acts requires daily vigilance.

To those who have recognised, they fell under the spell of the model that does extract, exploit, seduce, reduce…and have now turned towards a path that regenerates and dignifies.

Grateful for my journey, which in its messiness and challenges, reminds me daily that while I live a life committed to integrity, I too have stumbled, been seduced, spat out my anger at others, been filled with jealously and spite. That the work of being a human is daily, hourly work. And that when everything seems at its most impossible, the sun rises, once again.

Originally published October 12th 2018

Photo taken May 28th 2021

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