Tensegrity Teams

You have an idea. It takes your breath away. It wakes you in the night, calling you to act.

It is an idea, and needs humans working with matter to bring it to life.

In the software world there is such a thing as red teaming, where an idea is held between the poles of challenge and support.

In Syntropic World we call this tensegrity teams.

Tensegrity is required for existence. Not too much efficiency which makes things brittle (think our current global supply chains), not too much diversity which becomes stagnation. The in-between place.

A tensegrity team is a group of people who can hold the opposing view, challenge thinking and perspective, ask strategic and systemic questions and do all of this with love and care.

Combine tensegrity teams with the threshing floor and the crucible created refines a raw idea into a cleaner transmission.

Photo taken January 2nd 2022

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