What are you certain of? An inquiry to maintain discernment and sanity.

What beliefs and ideas are you so certain of that there is zero doubt?

In a highly polarised world, where most human minds have been colonised by AI that cares naught about anything but your attention – this attention then converting to profit for a few – to ask this question as a daily practice is to continue to remain open to the horrible possibility that we may be wrong in our certainty.

I ask myself this question. For many reasons.

I do not want to be hijacked by forces that have no care for anything but their profit and fame. 

Even worse, I do not want to be so thoroughly hijacked that I do not even know I have been. This makes me a tragic fool. My privileged access to education and discernment comes with responsibility.

I want to be sure I keep an open mindset. For at the deepest level of inquiry there is very little I can be 100% certain of.

What are you certain of? So certain that you would stake your life and the life of your loved ones on this certainty?

Photo taken July 12th 2021

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