Let’s imagine your business is a living breathing thing…with a heart, soul and mind. If you are the founder, then your responsibility is as a steward to the integrity of the business. Your business has a core essence, its unique DNA, that needs to be honoured and respected as the business evolves and changes.

A daily practice would be to ask your business, or the product you are working on..what it needs from you. You need to be sure it is not your own egoic voice that responds, but the unique voice of the business.

Tune into your business. Give it your full attention. Find the time to do this every day. Your business will love you for it.

The temptation is to get caught up in the day to day noise and forget to pay attention. Like a mistress left unattended, when you ignore the intimate conversation with your business, the price of neglect will be high.

What does your business need from you today to steward its thriving?

Creative Commons License Jesus Solana via Compfight

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