When we were working with the 2.23AM brand, I quite literally took the brand to bed, to check in during my sleep with its relevance to the 2.23AM tribe. Now before you run for the hills thinking I am mad…(the other day I was described as bazaarly unusually crazy..this works for me by the way…a compliment)..how many times have you taken a problem to bed determined to wake with a clear head?

Of course when you have a brand like 2.23AM, it becomes common to wake at that hour…as I was tuning into the 2.23AM tribe and what it was they were most wanting and needing…it was the call…this deep call…the call of our dark quiet hours…that I connected with.

If we drop below the noise of the to do list, the stuff to be achieved, the office politics, the posturing for status and position…below all of this…there is a call..to the life you most want to live. The life that wants to be lived through you.

I think you know what I am speaking about?

It is the soft whisper…am I being true to myself? Am I expressing my most authentic selfhood?

If we drop lower into the call…we will hear other questions…

Am I being of service to the world?

And…how do I create a more powerful soulful and meaningful way to work together?

At some point we simply cannot ignore this call. It will find us in the most surprising moments…it will wakes us, meet us at the gym, hunt us down when we are out in nature…it will be in the expectant faces of our children and the hum of a song on the radio…[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]


There is a life that wants to be lived through you. Are you paying attention? Do you dare heed its call?



Photo credit: Dennis Stauffer via Compfight

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