Business as Usual – motivated by scarcity. Not enough. There will never be another offer like this? Another opportunity like this. The price will go up. Only a few people in the world can do this. Time is up. There is never enough time.

Business as Unusual – motivated by plenty. We have enough. There is enough. Even if the clock ticks down there will be a tomorrow. We have time. We have space to review, reflect, consider.

Business as unusual is not some utopian view. In truth there is a clock ticking on several critical issues we face on the planet. But fear, panic, lack….begets more fear, panic and lack. And our current system thrives on these attributes. Indeed, our current system needs to perpetuate fear, panic, lack and shame to stay functioning. Our banking/monetary system, our health care (seriously it should be called illness care) system would not be alive without it.

There are very few things on the planet that are scarce. The world of business as usual would have us believe otherwise.

Check out your own motivations? Are you coming from lack or plenty? What about your business? Do you sell on a platform of manipulation, feeding the scarcity machine?

Hint: If you were coming from plenty you would be the one acting from a place of genuine generosity in almost everything.

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