Where do you feel most empowered? What places are the sources of your greatest inspiration? And what time of day is your most creative? Who reflects for you your own gifts and skills in a way that has you feel the most confident? Who is on your team? Your raving fans and allies?

Knowing the answers to these question is important. Life will side swipe us often. Being able to access your power places and power  generating people will help recalibrate your centre when you are knocked off course.

Where are your power leaks? In what situations and circumstances and around what specific people do you find yourself becoming smaller? Knowing these will allow you to address them, and in some cases, avoid them when you are most vulnerable.

My power place is the beach and ocean. If ever I want rocket fuel then that is where I go. Second to this is nature. Being in a forest. Running. Swimming. Writing. A good sleep.

There are people in my life who have a sixth sense for when I am vulnerable and feeling uncertain… lacking in confidence. Some get their jollies from zeroing in on me when I am like this. Choosing to not spend time with them when I am not at my best is a really good strategy. (I know that they do really support me at heart and yet they have this quirk that is not something they are aware of. If they constantly intended to bring me down I would not have them in my life.)

When my financial situation and cash flow are not looking pretty is where I leak the most power. I have no trouble with many other things…my risk level is high and my fear level is low. Asking for what I want from almost anyone. Speaking my mind. Saying NO. Saying yes. Jumping out of planes. But when my bank account is low I am not so strong. (Working to change this response so that I maintain my own power no matter what my bank account….) I know this because all the amazing skills I have in other circumstances flies out the window in these circumstances. Instead of the adult Christine, I get the 7 year old. Helpless and hopeless.

Maintaining our power and centre is critical for the entrepreneur and start up. And for the business leader.

There is a big difference between surface power and genuine aligned personal power. (Not power over.) People feel your genuine aligned power before you even walk in the door. They also feel when you are knocked out of your power place. A rejection? A criticism? Being blamed? Ridicule?

Keeping your power centre takes work. It takes self awareness and practice. And it’s worth it.

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